Loading Apps installed in Wine before PlayOnLinux

Wine not showing up in Installed

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Nexist418 Jeudi 1 Octobre 2015 à 7:19

I just found PlayOnLinux. I had installed Wine 1.7.50. I used synaptic to install PlayOnLinux, then installed the latest deb from the download page. currently have three apps installed under Wine. They work fine.

When I launched PlayOnLinux, I noticed that the apps from Wine are not present (Scrivenor, iDailyDiary, Steam). While trying to get the data for this post, I noticed that there are no Wine versions when I go to Manage Wine Versions.

I am runing Ubuntu 15.04. Unity desktop.

Is there a way to get my currently installed Wine to show up? Do I need to uninstall My apps, Wine and reinstall with the POL interface? Do I need to uninstall my apps and reinstall via the interface?

I was hoping that POL would detect and configure both the pre-existing Wine and Applications.

Quentin PÂRIS Jeudi 1 Octobre 2015 à 9:09
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

To avoid compatiblity issues PlayOnLinux is totally separed from wine. Any installed application with PlayOnLinux won't see wine application (nor even other PlayOnLinux apps).

The cleaner solution for you is to reinstall your app