File MisMatch Error - Flash Player for IE7 & IE8 (flashplayeractivex)

Having This Error from 2 months, Please help me out.

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pankajpomal Vendredi 23 September 2016 à 7:34

Error ! Files mismatch

Local: 7e8c8d9e7f9b7b99ef933ad295173d84
Server: 33ba5072f8a025a7b1b3f5c71537e6a8

Do you want to retry?


Having This Error When Installing Flash Player Active X on IE7, IE8 (Configuration)

Please help me for solve this problem..



booman Mardi 4 Octobre 2016 à 22:20

I have messed around with Flash, ActiveX and Unity players in PlayOnLinux, but honestly it is such a pain.  You may want to give Pipelight a try because they install Flash, ActiveX and Unity players in native Firefox using Wine

Pipelight Installation

Pipelight Flash

Pipelight ActiveX

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