Photoshop CS6 update

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useretail Mardi 27 Juin 2017 à 17:04

Hi guys, I installed Photoshop CS6 using built-in script.

Now, I want to update it using Adobe installer that I downloaded from their website. How to do it?


useretail Jeudi 29 Juin 2017 à 3:17

Anyone? Admins?

aireagoirsteam Dimanche 9 Juillet 2017 à 21:06

Hi I don't know if this will help but I managed to install photoshop 2015 using that script I usually ue it as a base line then check the wine app database for any extra files I may need then add them.

Although if you are looking for a specific version of photoshop google Photoshop Direct links which has links to all the official installers.

Anyone? Admins?


aireagoirsteam Dimanche 9 Juillet 2017 à 21:07

Also you amy want to consider also looking on the playonlinux github page not sure if that would help but may be worth asking the devs on their.

Anyone? Admins?


booman Lundi 10 Juillet 2017 à 23:16

You can run any installing in a virtual drive by going to Configure, Miscellaneous Tab, Run a exe file in this virtual drive.

As long as you have all the necessary dependencies installed it should work, but I don't know if Adobe Creative Cloud runs in PlayOnLinux.  Good Luck!

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