No next button in virtual console short cut

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dude101 Dimanche 24 September 2017 à 21:15


I am trying to create a short cut for the new League Of Legends launcher, but when attemping to select the name for the new short cut for the virtual drive in the PlayOnLinux wizard, under the General tab, there is simply no "Next" button. I can not do anything but closing the window.

I have tried restarting my computer, but the same problem occurs.

Please be patient, as I am new to using PlayOnLinux.

dude101 Dimanche 24 September 2017 à 21:34

Also, no next button when attempting to uninstall league

Trist Mercredi 27 September 2017 à 20:34

I am also experiencing this issue, ironically also using HI-DPI skin for XFCE4, maybe something about that? A few of the buttons I have found are simply hidden, like they have rescaled under the UI and you can simply pull it up with a mouse click when it turns into a little arrow. But as for the actually installer page, or in your case shortcut creator, I cannot figure this out.


ACTUALLY YES, it is the HI-DPI window manager theme. I turned that off (changed it to greybird), and after closing and opening the window missing the UI elements they now suddenly appear. Best action seems to be changing this, do what you wanna do and then set it back

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