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Minor issues

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hai_bar Dimanche 3 Décembre 2017 à 13:52

Hello Guys,

I've been running Entropia Universse via PlayOnLinux (Manjaro - Arch Linux based) occasionally. All is running good except for a few minor bugs, not sure what is missing to satisfy them.


1) Waypoints (/pos) is not displaying the current avatar's coordinates in the chat and clicking coordinates entered by other players will not add a way point to the map

2) Switching to/from Fullscreen (alt+enter) is buggy, is there a way to disable the whole alt+enter fullscreen-function?




TobiasAguiar Dimanche 10 Juin 2018 à 1:30

Hi there!

Great news! h0ek did a great job on getting the Waypoints working.

Use his script to install the game:

Tutul Dimanche 10 Juin 2018 à 1:38

Don't need to, the script has been updated here

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