Star Trek Online on Ubuntu 16.04

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Zethra Lundi 15 Janvier 2018 à 21:29

Good evening,

I would like to test Star Trek Online on ubuntu 16.04.
I installed the game via PlayOnLinux with Wine 2.3-staging. The game starts, I have the Cryptic screen but the game cuts itself off as soon as the " Star trek emergence "screen appears.

Could you help me, please ?

Here is my pc configuration :

Coire i5-4460


8go RAM


xattr Samedi 20 Janvier 2018 à 11:02

STO needs DirectX 11, that means you will need the latest Wine 3.0 or newer. Please goto POL => Tools => Manage Wine versions - and install Wine 3.0 or the highest version you see.

You can also just click "Install application" and search for star trek online. Follow the steps there, it should take care of everything.

But again, STO musst use Wine 3.0 or newer, it will not run with older versions of wine.