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bam Dimanche 14 Octobre 2018 à 18:46

I've successfully logged in to from PlayOnLinux 4.2.10,
but after updating to 4.2.12, the login dosn't work any more.

I can still login on web site. Please, help.

callmebob Mardi 16 Octobre 2018 à 9:44


You should probably provide more details like logs etc. - otherwise it’s hard to say what your issue really is.

However one thing I can say I experienced recently was issues caused by 2-step login verification – feature on itself. Everytime I was trying to login in POL I would get an email from GOG asking to also put in additional security code – but POL doesn’t provide place to put in that code.

Solution was to go to GOG and disable that feature. After logging into your account via web, you can find it here:

Privacy & Settings > Login and Security > Two-Step Login

Hope this helps!