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Script very buggy

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davemc Samedi 31 Mai 2008 à 20:33

This is an excellent script, but I ran into 2 issues when installing Safari on Ubuntu 8.04, x64.

1. During install, it pops up the Apple Safari page (in French instead of English), and so, after finding the English page, I download SafariSetup.exe. However, while Firefox is open, the Wizard "Forward" button remains greyed out, so you cannot proceed with the install unless you close out of Firefox. After doing that, the install proceeds for a few seconds and then zombies out, unless you reopen Firefox again, and then the install continues. The Installer tells you to "deselect" the two popup options during install, which I do. Post install, opening up Safari using POL, Safari opens and loads about half way, then zombies, forcing a hard shutdown via gnome-manager. This happens every time, and I have reinstalled it 4 times now with the same exact results every time.
Ghostofkendo Dimanche 1 Juin 2008 à 13:12

Hi davemc,

When you do a test, please respect the scheme given HERE.

Then, here comes my test of Safari:
Wine's version: 0.9.61
Distribution: Arch Linux i686
Distribution's version: -- (it's a rolling release distribution)
Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT (512Mo)
Graphic card's driver: 169.12
- No problems when installing Safari 3.1.1
- Download page is in French (I will try to fix it during the week)
- Safari freezes when browsing a different website than the start page's
- I tried with Wine 0.9.50, 0.9.58 and 1.0 RC3 but same results

meloves Lundi 2 Juin 2008 à 3:46

Well, Safari is buggy due to Wine.

Wine team didn't fix any of the bugs concerning Safari.
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