Feature Request: Virtual Drive Creator select System Wine Version

Feature Request

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trymeout Samedi 11 Mai 2019 à 5:28

In PlayOnLinux when you go to Configure->New and go through the virtual drive creator wizard and get to the Wine version section, you are unable to select the "System" Wine version and are forced to select a specific version of Wine. Please add an option to select the system version of Wine.


This will be handy for when you just want to create a virtual drive using the default system wine version.

Dadu042 Samedi 11 Mai 2019 à 8:38

Your POL version and OS ?

trymeout Samedi 11 Mai 2019 à 20:06

I am using Linux Mint 19.1, and I got the latest version of PlayOnLinux 4.3.4.

Dadu042 Dimanche 12 Mai 2019 à 9:58

Versions are OK.   I remember I had this issue because Wine was not installed on my OS, is it installed ?

trymeout Mardi 14 Mai 2019 à 0:54

I did install the latest version of Wine from WineHQ before I installed POL.

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