Wiki description for setting the category right or wrong?

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Yaotl Samedi 13 Juillet 2019 à 8:15

Is the wiki description correct or wrong?
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Is that correct?

POL_Shortcut "Photoshop.exe" "$TITLE" "" "Graphics;"

or rather that !?

POL_Shortcut "myfile.exe" "Program-Name" "icon.png" "parameter" "categorie;"


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Dadu042 Samedi 2 Novembre 2019 à 11:42

In my experience the 2nd is the right one, but I don't understand why the Wiki says it's the 1st one.

Quentin PÂRIS Samedi 2 Novembre 2019 à 13:59
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Usage: POL_Shortcut [binary] [shortcut name] [playonlinux website icon] [argument] [categories]

So yep, the wiki is wrong

Dadu042 Samedi 2 Novembre 2019 à 17:59

I fixed the wiki.