Phoenicis successor of POL : clarification ?

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JewelThief Dimanche 26 Avril 2020 à 15:51

"Phoenicis Winebuild is a python library and a command line tool that compiles winehq automatically. It is the designated successor of PlayOnLinux Winebuild service."

What means 'successor of PlayOnLinux'?  Has it replaced the POL wine front end for wine?

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Dadu042 Lundi 27 Avril 2020 à 13:17

From what I understood by myself:

  • Development on POL v4 is paused or stopped (by lack of coders) since 2018.
  • Development on POL v5 (code name 'Phoenicis') is launched since 2015 (leaded by a new developper), but has not yet a stable release (latest is 5.0-alpha.2, january 2019). The project started by remaking a Winebuild service (named Phoenicis).

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