Steam library is empty

Installs and loads, but nothing's there

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gvantass Jeudi 9 Juillet 2020 à 5:02

I have successfully installed Play on Mac and installed Steam for Windows with the below info.  The game library, though, doesn't show anything so I can’t install any of my games.  Any suggestions?


macOS 10.15.5

PlayOnMac 4.4

Xquartz  2.7.11 (via Homebrew)

freetype: stable 2.10.2 (via Homebrew)


Debug log here:

Screenshot for reference:

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Platin Jeudi 9 Juillet 2020 à 13:01

I had the same problem, as I installed Steam Manuel. So far steam is running but I can't connect to the internet with the steamwebhelper. I get the error invalid SSL certificate

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