Rome Total War v1.5 (and Barbarian invasion): enabling cutscenes ?

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mastablasta Dimanche 29 Novembre 2020 à 18:55

So i installed Rome Total War 1.5 and Barbarian invasion extension

  • OS: Kubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Wine: System default (i believe it is 3.2 )


It didn't run at first at all, so i:

  • switched system to Windows XP
  • installed directx9 and d3dx9_47

and the game works well. just finished the short campaign agfter 3 days of playing (Julii faction). i only had one crash (looked like some kind of memory leak). anyway, the only thing that doesn't work are the cutscenes. that "movie" at the start and at the end when you finish the campaign. other than that, the game runs a lot better on this same old potatoe that it ever did on windows XP.

my only question here is - any idea how to make the cutscenes work? i tried dplay, but that didn't help at all.

oh i haven't tried the barbarian invasion expansion, but my guess is there will be the same issue with cutscene.