Setup program unable to create My Documents folder

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Sachelis Mercredi 23 Juin 2021 à 20:30

We are trying to manually install the software named vRigger (which we develop, see When our setup program attempts to copy files to My Documents, our setup program fails with the message, "Could not create directory 'My Documents" (we use a older, commercial installation program).


FWIW, we have heard from customers that they are successfully running our software using PlayOnMac (we've been promoting Parallels).


We're new to PlayOnMac. How should we proceed?



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Dadu042 Mercredi 23 Juin 2021 à 20:57

Sachelis Mercredi 23 Juin 2021 à 21:25

Thanks Dadu042, but I don't think that page adds any additional information (i.e., I did those steps).