how do i open installed programs if it missing from the main popup menu?

startrek online is installed but not showing up on main home menu

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TheAmazingMex Samedi 31 Juillet 2021 à 22:42

hello, I am obviously new this, i have a program (7zip) installed in 64bit [version 5.0.2] and star trek online on its own virtual drive [ 6.13] 32 bit. I am on running ubuntu. I can see the 7zip just fine. The 32bit star trek online virtual drive is not there. If i open configure i can see the star trek online virtual drive aswell as opens the virtual drive to configure stuff. I can see the icons and all but when i click out of the configuration window it closes the drive. How do i get in there to run that file? How do I run the drive if it is not listed where i can click "run". Please help a newbie out. THANKS

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