Error ! Files mismatch

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fenman4 Samedi 16 Octobre 2021 à 12:13

Hi there,

Apologies, I'm struggling to work out how to upload a photo.

I'm encountering an issue when I attempt to install Oblivion using the Steam Store version which I have purchased already back when I had a PC.

As soon as I choose to install via the Steam Store Version it comes up with the error code:

Error ! Files mismatch

Local : 29a0d4f99b2ad92bc67d276c0c43d603

Server : 81448c2e730b50b597bbd5e43007ce6a

Any advise as how to proceed is welcome and appreciated.

I'm running macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 and I'm running PlayOnMac 4.4.3

I've tried so many ways of getting back to being able to play one of my favourite games and none of them seem to work.

Thanks in advance,