PlayOnLinux with 3D acceleration and 3D desktop

2 cents that may return good profit.

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Miguel_I_Fonseca Samedi 25 Octobre 2008 à 7:16

Being me as stubborn as I am, I'm also very patient to try out things just for the sake of it. I'm currently running PlayOnLinux 3.1.2 on Mandriva 2009 with no major issues along with CompizFusion and my 3D desktop enabled on an nVIDIA GeForce FX5200. It seems to be the fault of the default GTK window decorator used by the 3D desktop when you get the graphics glitches in PlayOnLinux (no updates to videos playing, textures badly placed or general screen corruption among others).

If you install this nice little piece of software called CompizFusion Icon (fusion-icon available in Mandriva Free and from the developer at and select Emerald as the default window decorator or in general any other decorator that's not GTK the video problems go away. If you suffer a little performance hit from this, enable the Indirect Rendering and the Loose Binding options on the Compiz Options menu in the Compiz Fusion Icon applet. Another thing is enable Full Screen Unredirect in the CompizFusion Settings Manager/General Options/General tab to regain speed after changing the default GTK decorator. Emerald is a very aesthetically nice decorator and I'd really prefer it to GTK because of the flexibility it provides for theming the environment.

Now If other users could try this and give us feedback it would be REALLY GREAT. Also I'd like to know more about the DirectX options configurable through the Advanced PlayOnLinux Configuration plugin. Any directions on info about these options will be greatly appreciated. Kudos to the PlayOnLinux team and please count me in for any enhancement/testing tasks on the project. Thanks in advance,

GNU_Raziel Samedi 25 Octobre 2008 à 12:16

First, it's a very ba idea to leave compiz enable when you play a 3D game, compiz is a performance eater, better desactivate it before playing, you will have a huge boost.

Second, Advanced Wine Configuration plugin allow you to manage advanced options of wine like the mouse warping, the amount of Video Ram of your graphic card or the DirectDraw Rendrer. So you can test which of those options boost you game with your material.