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krord Dimanche 1 Février 2009 à 2:25

hi everyone
sad to open a new topic with an issue of an old closed one? but the dl link for the pclinux package of v3.3 is still broken...
Ghostofkendo Lundi 2 Février 2009 à 21:32

Hi krord,

We know that the PCLinuxOS repository is still down but it was updated and maintained by someone else (I mean someone who's not part of POL's staff).
I'll contact him to see what's going on (if he answers ) and I'll let you know in this topic.

But the package in the official repository of PCLOS will perhaps be updated when the 2009 version of the distribution will be released.

Ghostofkendo Lundi 9 Février 2009 à 19:47


So I got an answer from lisovszki (the packager for PCLinuxOS). He told me its server died and he doesn't have time anymore to package PlayOnLinux so that's why the download page still links to a bad url.

So in the future, we won't provide anymore a package for PCLinuxOS (because we don't have anyone to maintain it).

But lisovszki gave me the following two links where you'll find his latest POL package (POL 3.0.8) and the related source rpm (so if someone want to make a more current version, it'll be easier):

The package:

The source rpm:

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