[Bug in script]GuitarPro 5 wine version incorrect

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warcry Mercredi 1 Juillet 2009 à 13:42

The GuitarPro 5 script ( install wine 0.9.57, but in that vesion some fonts aren't shown.
The solution is to run GuitarPro 5 with another later version where they work. I used wine 1.1.24 and it worked great and show me all fonts.
NSLW Mercredi 1 Juillet 2009 à 16:16

Ok, Thanks for info. I corrected that.
warcry Dimanche 5 Juillet 2009 à 4:10

I suggest you to set version to 1.1.24. For example, 1.1.25 has some problems. 1.1.24 works fine, I think. (If someone has tested any better, write it here!)
NSLW Dimanche 5 Juillet 2009 à 12:28

Ok, once again thanks for suggestions :)
ktulu77 Jeudi 16 Juillet 2009 à 20:08


I have always used the wine version 0.9.57 without any problems with fonts. After version 0.9.57, a problem often occurs and it is reported on wineHQ :

Guitar Pro 5 is not usable with this bug, this error is always shown and we cannot do anything.

I am on Ubuntu x64. What version on Linux are you using ?
NSLW Samedi 18 Juillet 2009 à 23:05

Ok, i reverted my change so it uses Wine-0.9.57
warcry Vendredi 4 September 2009 à 2:28

I have with 0.9.57 the problem of the fonts again... but...
ktulu77, can you print a tab with GuitarPro?
I can't with any version of wine :(