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egetun Lundi 24 Aoüt 2009 à 14:19

Good days.

I am a packager [1] of PlayOnLinux for Pardus 2008 and 2009. It's ready to work for all of them. I believe that Pardus section have to be updated because Pardus 2009 has been released.

Add the official contrib repository of Pardus 2009

Add the official contrib repository of Pardus 2008

Then use this command to install Playonlinux
sudo pisi it playonlinux


[ 1 ] (
[ 2 ]

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Deniz Ege TUNÇAY |
egetun Jeudi 20 Mai 2010 à 16:40

Hey guys, wake up? When you change installation infos at Pardus section? We don't use Pardus 2008 anymore.

Deniz Ege TUNÇAY |
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