Use media name to installation.

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Lachu Jeudi 17 Décembre 2009 à 18:56

This the same topic in my native language.

It could be great if playonlinux detects name of CDs automatically. Once I running application(*.exe) using PlayOnLinux, it should split file name from CDs name and compare it with database. Using this method, PlayOnLinux could automatically suggest to download proper script and start installation(we must only create database with names of CDs - some script can match to Ace Ventura: Psi Detektyw and Ace Ventura: Dog's detective - this the same game, but in different language version).

I think this idea would make distribution creators tending to include PlayOnLinux in default installation. PlayOnLinux would be helper to proper installing games and will doing all of stuff automatically(if we had network connection). This would be great idea!

In the future we could add possibility to checking checksums. This could been illegal, but it's not needed to realize my conception.

Lachu Jeudi 17 Décembre 2009 à 18:57

So user inserts CDs and running autorun.exe or setup.exe. GNOME will suggest him to run autorun.exe automatically and PlayOnLinux checks name of CDs and suggest to install this game in separate prefix.