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c0mputerking Vendredi 23 Avril 2010 à 23:30

Hello i have managed to get freelancer installed and get sound in the opening screen and the first bit of video. However after when the gameplay move to the newyork system i get no sound you know the part where their is a guy on stretcher going by.

Also does multiplayer work mostly intrested in LAN play however I cannot seem to figure out what i need for an account ID
NSLW Samedi 24 Avril 2010 à 9:33

What Wine version do you use?
Berillions Samedi 24 Avril 2010 à 11:27

With wine 1.1.43, i haven't sound too.

It's very strange because when i used Debian, i had the sound. Now, i'm on Archlinux 64 and i have this problem...

I don't understand.

NSLW Samedi 24 Avril 2010 à 11:45

Hello Berillions
Does the same problem occurs when you use Wine 1.1.37?
You can also check if there is sound when you disable mmdevapi in winecfg and use latest Wine.
FelixII Lundi 3 Mai 2010 à 14:30

I'm experience the same problems. After each loading screen, the game sound and music turns off. I tried many wine versions, like 1.0.1, 1.1.38, 1.1.42 and the latest version 1.1.43. Besides the playonlinux-installer, I also tried manual install. I'm using Kubuntu 10.04.
NSLW Lundi 3 Mai 2010 à 17:36

Have you checked system's sound volume slider? It can be that Wine mutes sound or makes it very quiet in system.

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FelixII Lundi 3 Mai 2010 à 18:20

Yes, I also checked the pulseaudio volumecontrol, there is no sound output from the application after loading screens.
FelixII Mercredi 12 Mai 2010 à 16:20

Complete reinstall of wine, PlayOnLinux and Freelancer seems to have solved the problem.