Problem with Starcraft II installation

C++ terminated unexpectedly

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neodac Mercredi 11 Aoüt 2010 à 18:45

I attempted to install Starcraft II onto a fresh Ubuntu 10.04LTS with the gnome desktop using play on linux 3.7.6. at about 53% i got an error that microsoft c++ redistributable had terminated strangely followed by the program saying it had encounted an error the instalation closed itself after that.

Its my first time using play on linux so i may have missed some pre configuring i needed to do i have only installed play on linux and added its repositories and installed and updated wine no real configuring hope you can help
GNU_Raziel Mercredi 11 Aoüt 2010 à 20:21

Use the Script to install it, click on "Install" then search Starcraft II, select it and click install.

All you have to do after is follow the POL installer, it's really easy.
Minimal Jeudi 2 September 2010 à 21:08

I got the same error while i was tring to install it how GNU_Raziel said.

Any way to fix it?
GNU_Raziel Jeudi 2 September 2010 à 21:29

I cannot reproduce this error, all my test installs were successfull so I don't know when it hang for you...

Install using the latest version of POL (3.8 or better) and the official POL script please, don't try to do manual install or installing with old POl versions, it will not work.