Can't find anything useful on google.

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Routh Jeudi 30 September 2010 à 20:48

I have gotten WoW installed, the DVD didn't work at all with POL, however I fortunately had a 5 disk set as well.

Now I'm at the BC point of install, but all I see is the 4 disk option for BC - And all I have is a DVD.

I can't find anything on google about the DVD install... anyone have a tip?
dlambert Samedi 15 Janvier 2011 à 14:17

This may primarily be a Fuse problem, but may appear on other systems not using Fuse as well. Run the following command from a terminal:

sudo mount -o remount,unhide /dev/cdrom

Note that your CD drive may not be /dev/cdrom! Check by running the command mount without arguments and look for a reasonable device (cd#, sr#, etc...)
Problems mounting the DVD (collectors edition for [Vanilla] and [TBC] and standard for [WotLK]) Edit Problems mounting the DVD (collectors edition for [Vanilla] and [TBC] and standard for [WotLK]) sectionEdit

The issues might be related to either a defective (auto-)mount for the Hybrid Disks used (ISO 9660 and HFS+) or defective (auto-)mount without UDF support. For the Hybrid disks please refer to the specific documentation available on the internet. However the most likely cause is the missing UDF support when mounting the disc. In case it is mounted please unmount it

umount /dev/drivename (e.g. cdrom)

then use the following line to mount it again with UDF support:

mount -t udf -o ro,unhide,uid=1000 /dev/drivename /mountpoint (e.g. /mnt)

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