A workaround for CitiesXL 2011

issues with net framework

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Lancelot Jeudi 9 Décembre 2010 à 11:35

Hi there,

Have been working on getting CitiesXL 2011 (upgrade from Sim City 4) to work on linux. However I seem to keep getting an issue when patching it with framework 2. Now i know the issue has to do with mscrow..... but can't seem to get around it. Its really bugging more ppl that we have to dual boot to play this game. I hate windows and only use it to play citiesXL 2011. Does anyone know a sollution or have a script?
I also think it possibly has to do with an update of framework to framework 4 ??? Dunno coz i'm not that technical.
Any suggestions?

Dadu042 Lundi 17 Février 2020 à 20:27

If Dotnet v2 fail, you can try v4.

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