League of Legends installer?

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bassmannate Samedi 19 Février 2011 à 16:43

I've been trying to get League of Legends installed under wine and I found the POL install script. The problem is that at the beginning of the install process, it says that the official downloader doesn't work and to download a separate file. The link appears to be dead.

I've been searching for what ever is on this archived post but can't seem to find it. Any one have any clues as to where I might find it?
bassmannate Samedi 19 Février 2011 à 17:04

Never mind. It looks like it was just an old version of POL that I was using and it just didn't like the script. Looks like it's working fine now.
bassmannate Samedi 19 Février 2011 à 17:32

Nevermind again. There was an issues with the old version of POL, but I still need to download a zip file from the above broken link.

Any ideas?
PNO3000 Mercredi 23 Février 2011 à 0:50

Im having the same problem. does anyone know where to get it?