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seanj Lundi 28 Février 2011 à 5:13

Hi, I'm trying to install Oblivion with PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit, but when I run it I get this error:
PlayOnLinux v3.7.6

Checking python :                     [ Ok ]Running install menu
rm: cannot remove `*.jpg': No such file or directory
/home/seanj/.PlayOnLinux/install: line 44: POL_GetSetupImages: command not found
/home/seanj/.PlayOnLinux/install: line 46: POL_SetupWindow_InitWithImages: command not found

What went wrong?
Quentin PÂRIS Lundi 28 Février 2011 à 17:26
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

The latest version of PlayOnLinux is 3.8.10. Please update
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