Apps not working

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mac_tester Dimanche 10 Mai 2009 à 6:54

Hey guys I just downloaded the 1.2.1 version and ran it. But the apps which used to work in 1.1 didn't seem to work. I heard that the X window is intregrated but the app doesn't run. I tried to run Pixia which used to work in 1.1. what happened.
Can you help me ?
Quentin PÂRIS Dimanche 10 Mai 2009 à 10:19
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous


I've heard about the problem.

I will try to fix it very soon
egetun Lundi 6 September 2010 à 22:49

Yeah, I have same problem. I will waiting for new version.

Finally, thanx for PlayOnMac :)

Deniz Ege TUNÇAY |
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