Ability to run a stand-alone .exe?

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B-MLX Jeudi 14 Mai 2009 à 23:04

PlayOnMac needs the ability to run stand-alone .exe files without installing a new application, so we won't have to go through WineHelper. (if this is what the "run" button is for, it appears that it does not work at the moment)

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super_g2 Vendredi 15 Mai 2009 à 0:13

"Run button" is to launch applications already installed by POM.
about your remark "how to run "portable" apps without install them?" i d'ont know.

PlayOn*, c'est top!
mac_tester Vendredi 15 Mai 2009 à 4:35

did you mean just using the registry file to add info about the file in the registry and being able to run the exe file like in those days when win apps could be taken to places and just use the registry file to run the exe? I think that won't work in POM or may be but could take some work.... real work.
PS3D Vendredi 3 Décembre 2010 à 18:51

I want to play I Wanna Be The Guy, which is self-contained. It launches, but doesn't get past the intro screen. Unless, of course, there's a way to create an installation file for any stand-alone titles so that they would run.