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mac_tester Samedi 3 Octobre 2009 à 17:41

Hey all you guys, I am back after a long time.... and when i came i saw none difference in the forums. Don't the mac users test this. I have it and I have tested it all along. I know why most people don't post because they haven't got documentation on how to write scripts right? I can assure you most of that works in POL works in POM. I found out some scripts of POL can be used in POM. I have found ways to do it. And i am working on script writing. Meantime I am also testing Cider and CX wrapper. I want POM to continue because in this we can have the ability to change the wine versions which can help alot while porting. So mac users who visit please register and let us know about how your testing went. WE WANT PEOPLE, SO MAC COMMUNITY IN POM CAN GROW. If you agree with me then please don't hesitate to ask questions.;-)
KosciakPL Mercredi 15 September 2010 à 15:30

I have registred today. :)