Mount & Blade : Warband

no luck

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edutiao Lundi 3 Octobre 2011 à 17:35

I've tried to install MB:WB, steam version on a dell laptop with integrated graphics card.

Wine version: 1.3.8
Distribution: Debian
Distribution version: Wheezy/Sid
Graphics card: Intel, gm965
Graphics card driver: 2:2.16.0-1
Comments: Intro Movies play, can't see main menu but can hear the music and listen to the menu buttons when clicking. No gameplay possible.

Also tried wine versions 1.3.20 (playonlinux indication) and 1.3.28 (newest available) to no avail.

Maybe my graphics card is insufficient, but the game has been reported to run well with it under windows.

Any insights appreciated.
tanaki Samedi 29 Octobre 2011 à 23:13

I'll try that too, on natty 11.04 with wine 1.2.2

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