[Issue] Changing resolution after program exit?

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jucor Lundi 13 Février 2012 à 13:30

Hi all

New to POL, and only marginally familiar with Wine (but relatively fluent in bash scripting), I would like to use it for Blackwell Deception (Demo): great game, fully compatible Wine as per, *but* the demo changes the screen resolution to 640x480 and does not set it back when I exit.

Is there a POL function that I could use in the script to set the resolution back to its original version once the game is done running ?

Thanks for any tip!
petch Lundi 13 Février 2012 à 14:07


In shortcuts there's only the possibility to add commands before your program, so when I need to run something after the program is terminated, I put it as Bash EXIT trap handler.
According to Wine FAQ, "10.10.3. My X screen won't go back to its normal resolution after running a game fullscreen.", one way to reset resolution is to use xrandr -s 0.
So, putting everything together:
POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine "$SHORTCUT" "trap 'xrandr -s 0' EXIT"

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Capitain_Jack Mardi 21 Février 2017 à 3:32

Again, this with other post from you helped me... follow up guys:

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