Upgraded wine -> no sound driver

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michaelsh Vendredi 11 Mai 2012 à 23:01

I have Baldur's Gate II installed on POL with wine 1.2.3. It works fine, except it hangs every once in a while. I tried installing a newer wine (1.4 & 1.5.3) but when I configure them they don't list any sound drivers.

Possibly connected, whenever I fire up the configuration for 1.2.3, it says it's missing the gecko extension. It downloads it over and over again.

Any idea why the newer wine versions aren't detecting audio?
Quentin PÂRIS Vendredi 11 Mai 2012 à 23:17
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Check if mmdevapi is set to disabled in libraries tab. If yes, simply remove the entry
michaelsh Samedi 12 Mai 2012 à 16:17

Did the trick! Thanks.

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