Diablo 3 kills network connection

hangs at about 25-26%

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Goddard Vendredi 18 Mai 2012 à 3:49

When trying to install Diablo 3 I get about 25% through the install process and my connection speed goes from about 7Mbps to 0 and then totally kills my network connection all together.  I had to restart to fix it.  I tried several times with the same result.

Asus G73JW ROG-A3B7M

Intel Core i7 || 16GB RAM || 802.11n+BT || 2 x 500GB Hybrid Drives || Nvidia GTX 460M

Ubuntu 12.04 upgraded from 11.10

I know its possible to get this sucker working as I have seen plenty of videos, but I've been waiting on playonlinux because wine is to confusing.

I already have Diablo 3 installed on a seperate drive running windows.  Can I just use that installation source some how?

Thanks ALOT!

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Clicksights Vendredi 18 Mai 2012 à 4:13

The POL install works perfect!
I used my Diablo III CE DVD, just had to:

sudo umount /dev/sr0
sudo mkdir /media/Diablo3
sudo mount /dev/sr0 /media/Diablo3 -o unhide,unhide,uid=$(id -g)

And installed in a breeze!
Before on a friends laptop (on windows) we had to try it 2 days long and wait over 9 hours, the servers of blizzard are overloaded, have patience, follow the POL instructions and it will work ok.
Goddard Vendredi 18 Mai 2012 à 4:21

Appreciate the kind words, but not sure it is the same issue. Makes me wish I had an actual CD though.

About 3 more % after trying again my connection will probably be cut off.

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Clicksights Vendredi 18 Mai 2012 à 4:37

Ow man, i totally missed you are on Ubuntu 12....
I dowgraded a friend his install today, it works OK on 11.10,
not sure on 12.04... Last time i heard it was not supported...
Maybe upgrade to 12.10 or downgrade to 11.10 again...

Personally i think It's worth to downgrade after 12 years of waiting, i would know where my prio would be... :-P Not on Ubuntu 12...

Hope it works out for you, maybe try the irc, maybe some one is able to help...

Clicksights Vendredi 18 Mai 2012 à 4:42

Found this on

Ubuntu 12.04 people who are not able to connect, please run the following command:

echo 0|sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope

Just copy it in a terminal (CONTROL + ALT + T) and retry!
Hope it works!
Goddard Vendredi 18 Mai 2012 à 5:21

I got it working.

I had to repeatedly "Enable Networking" and "Disable Networking" to get the network connection to resume downloading.

When I got to the login screen that command you gave me helped. I was getting a 3007 error.

Now it works perfectly although the game does seem to make my PC run hot. Kind of makes me worried.

Whats your gamertag?  Lets play D3!!!!

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