Banned from diablo 3

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capman Vendredi 2 Novembre 2012 à 22:44

Ive just recieved a letter from blizzard that they are banning me for 3rd party software usage.

Since im not using any thirdkind software and only playonlinux (while in ubuntu) and most recently crossovergames. 

I just thought that i might ask here if someone else has been banned for it?

Or just give out a warning to others....

edusong Mardi 6 Novembre 2012 à 11:48

i was banned too, november 2, same day, same everything. Apparently they wont change their mind. Did you open some ticket?
capman Mardi 6 Novembre 2012 à 13:03

Yes, i did a ticket and within their ticket-system, there's no use in getting them to relize their misstake :/

First after 6-7 replies from them ive got an email to get this errand further investigated etc, i have emailed them some day ago but haven't gotten any reply's yet.

I have even cloned my entire disk to another drive and are more than willing to send it to them to investigate.
capman Mardi 6 Novembre 2012 à 13:07

I think it might be something with playonlinuxes debug-info-gather something, im not to skilled linuxuser, but it seems there's a diffrence in using 64 vs 32bit wine versions, since im a fan of 64bits system i always tries to use 64bits software and libs etc...
And that the new wardensoftware blizzard uses is collectiong information from the memmory in use while playing diablo and discovers some other software that also listens to that memory allocations or something....

Im just to novice to even try to dig through this stuff :/