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Hashi Godan Lundi 28 Janvier 2013 à 19:49
Hashi GodanAnonymous

Hello - I'm new to PlayOnLinux.
Been using Linux since 2004.
M$ since 1985.
DR's CP/M before that.
Punched a lot of cards back to 1970.
No luck with Wine.
Currently using Mint 13 xfce.
Ran Ubuntu from Breezy to Lucid.

First I successfully installed IE7.
I don't need IE, but the install was on YouTube,
so I thought I would give it a try.

More importantly - It seems I've successfully installed Legacy Family Tree (LFT) v.5.  see older versions.  Free.
It took me a couple trys, but I did it.

I found that LFT shows up in //.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/xxx/drive_c/.
So, I pasted my LFT backup zip file in //drive_c/Legacy/Data.
Reinstalled LFT again (from the beginning) using PoL.
Restored LFT db from backup zip file.
I was able to move around LFT and see my ancestors.
I didn't edit/add/delete anyone, but it looks like I can.
Also I was able to make a fresh backup zip file at closing.
The zip file showed up in Wineprefix/xxx/drive_c/Legacy/Data.
Made a 2nd backup to my thumb drive.
Everything looks good.

Many thanks to all who made this product available.

Hashi Godan, Septuagenarian
BradleyinDC Lundi 2 Aoüt 2021 à 3:37

Very cool. Complete newbie here with no scripting background.

Do you know if any genealogy programs work on PlayonMac? Specifically GenSmarts, DNAgedcom (the Mac client sucks), or DNA Studio Kit?


Newbie here, be gentle!
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