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PlanetSide 2 doesn't work, crash on menu

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Xylo Zondag 3 November 2013 om 17:59

Hello there!
I'm experiencing troubles with PlanetSide 2. Game is starting, everything is fine, I can even get some part of tutorial done. Problem comes when I have to go to map, change settings or just do anything in ESC menu. Game just crashes (I once had to restart X server to see my desktop). The moment I press ESC button it just freezes and I can't go anywhere unless I restart X server or somehow manage to go back to desktop. Log doesnt tell me nearly anything. (The first 2 critical errors were caused by emulating virtual screen, LaunchPad didnt even start). Log here --> http://pastebin.com/UrhTEs7Q

Oh, I forgot about hardware specs.
GPU: nVidia GTX 460 SE, driver 319.32
RAM: 12 GB (2x2 GB + 2x4 GB)
CPU: Intel i5 650 - 4x3.33 GHz

If you need anything else, tell me.
booman Dinsdag 12 November 2013 om 15:53

Sorry I missed this post a few weeks ago.
Were you able to get Planetside 2 running?

I noticed this error:

dbghelp:elf_search_auxv can't find symbol in module


I've seen this before with several games. Havn't been able to pin-point the problem or find a good solution.
I noticed in League of Legends this error is related to a peer-to-peer setting in the client.
Does PlanetSide 2 have something like that?
A peer-to-peer connection for updates, patches, mods, files etc?

I have read that you can add the dbghelp library in the Wine Configuration.
Then set it as native, bultin... but this didn't work for League of Legends

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