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How to run a single .exe?

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tiger9099 Vrijdag 26 October 2018 om 10:58

(I don't know if this is the right sub to post this sorry)


I am trying to run a single .exe on Ubuntu. But I don't know how to run a .exe without clicking "Install .exe" on POL. Can someone help please? Thank you! :)

Gushinky234 Dinsdag 13 November 2018 om 18:01

Are you saying you are trying to run an application without installing it first? If that is what you mean I don't think that will work besides POL uses wine directly and from what I'm aware of you need to install first before running an application.

Tutul Vrijdag 14 December 2018 om 16:36

You can run specific exe in any created wineprefix. With the configure panel, select a wineprefix (one that can be compatible or create one with a specific wine version), go on the last tab and you can use "run a exe in that wineprefix"


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