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How do I Install the .NET Framework

I need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or above for the application to work

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N3XTGEN Maandag 1 Maart 2021 om 8:20

I have tried to download it to the virtual drive via PlayOnMac in the install components section but every time it comes back with an error. I also tried to install it directly from the website then download it as a non-listed application but that didn't work either. How would I get it to work. The error isn't very informative because it just says that "an error happened during download. Do you want to retry?

Error in POL_Download_Resource
error during download! (1 attempt)"


Also, Do I install it to the steam virtual drive or to the steam application?

Using macOS Big Sur

akj850 Maandag 17 Mei 2021 om 0:59

I am having a similar problem on MacOS Catalina, I need to install dotnet 4.7+ and have only had success running the dotnet 4.0 script.  Everything higher seems to fail to download the package, it immediately goes to the failed screen.  Any suggestions?

swiftcloud Woensdag 20 April 2022 om 17:50


Did you find a way to resolve this?