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kamikaze Woensdag 23 December 2009 om 19:49

Hello, I want to play FIFA 10, is possible on POL? °_°
Dr Phil Donderdag 24 December 2009 om 4:49
Dr Phil


There is no installer for FIFA 10, yet.
However: FIFA's AppDB page tells us it runs quite well with wine 1.0.1, so you might be able to install it anyway. =)

Open up POL. Press "Tools"->"Manage wine version".
Install wine 1.0.1and close the version manager.

Press "Install" in the main POL window. In the popup window there is a small text (in the down-left corner) saying "Install an unsupported application..", press that text. Choose "Manual installation" and "Install in a new prefix". Enter a name for the prefix, something without spaces (I think FIFA10 will be a good name).

Now check "Assign wine version to a programm" (Yes, it is spelled wrong in POL)
Pick 1.0.1 in the dropdown menu. Wait.
Select the installer and just follow the instructions. (You would want a shortcut since you installed a new game)

If you have problems:
* Install DirectX End-time-user-running-files-whatever-something in the FIFA prefix. (It is in the repository) ((This is if FIFA doesn't install DirectX for you))
* Use a crack, since they suggest that on the AppDB page. Please do not ask where you can get a crack, since your question will not be answered on this site. ((But I guess using Google would help you.))

If you (somehow) get it to work:
Please tell us how you did it, or write a script for it!
(Script tutorials: http://www.playonlinux.com/en/page-2-Documentation.html
http://playonlinux.wikia.com/wiki/Scripters_Wiki )

Good luck with your game!

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sinch Dinsdag 1 Juni\ 2010 om 23:29


I am quite new to Linux and POL. I tried to play Fifa on my Laptop, following the instructions found here. It goes quite ok, but when I try to run the game I got following messege: "fifa 10 requires graphic acceleration".

I have been looking on the net how to solve the problem and everywhere is suggested to install last graphic card drivers. How should I do this in POL? My card is Intel Mobile 4 series, when I was trying to install drivers from Intel site I got the message that "system does not meet the minimum requirements"

Any ideas? Help is much appreciated.

I am using latest Ubuntu (10.04).

Maybe there's an unofficial script?

Many thanks,

I am able to play other games, both for windows(installed with POL) and linux.

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