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Microsoft Office 2010 Installation, stuck at product key

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sc4s2cg Dinsdag 24 Mei 2011 om 21:26


I'm trying to install Office 2010 from my cd, but when I use the playonlinux script and the installation opens...I can't type in the product key. It's just stuck there and I can't tab or click into the product key box.

Any suggestions?

Laptop stats:
HP dv7 series
AMD processor 64bit
Ubuntu 11.04
Using latest PlayOnLinux

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k-teach Maandag 6 Juni\ 2011 om 0:48

Does any one have any tips on this? I first used this script


On a slightly older version of playonlinux, and it accepted my installation code and went a bit further, then stopped with an error that the installer did not number nor describe. I then updated to 3.8.12. Now it just stops at the product key stage as mentioned above and will not let me type, nor paste in my code.

My OS is the same as the first post: Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit, PlayOnLinux 3.8.12, and I've run apt-get update so I'm as current as I can be as of June 5, 2011
psychonelo Donderdag 7 Juli 2011 om 16:25

I am having the same exact issue. I cannot type in the product key!
sihoch Vrijdag 22 Juli 2011 om 7:32

Hi Guys,

Just had the problem a few hours ago...

Solution: Install the IE6....

I then got stuck later :laught:

Quentin PÂRIS Vrijdag 22 Juli 2011 om 20:17
Quentin PÂRIS

Thank you for your solution,

Does it work better now ?
sihoch Dinsdag 26 Juli 2011 om 7:29

Hi Tinou,

Define "better" :D - you can enter the key, but in the end there is an installation error...

But maybe that should be discussed in another topic?

btw. I'm trying to install a legal copy from the Microsoft HUP(home user program)

Quentin PÂRIS Dinsdag 26 Juli 2011 om 10:17
Quentin PÂRIS

Well, I'm going to try to correct this script in less than a week

Andinski Maandag 9 April 2012 om 12:57

What brings you one step further is to postpone registration until after the installation of MS Office... Yet, at the end, I am currently meeting the same problem when opening Word - I cannot type in the product key. I will try to install IE... hopefully, this will work.

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loPan Donderdag 3 Mei 2012 om 4:57

I had no problem installing Office 2010 three times previously using the script I found here. Now the script appears to be gone. Where would I go to find it again?
gibsson Zaterdag 9 Juni\ 2012 om 21:41

Hi all,
Just to tell you that Im running into the same issue with two machines with Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit (stuck after entering the key).
However I have another one that runs Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit and it worked straightaway. I guess it works for 32-bit only. What can we try to make it work under 64-bit system?
rccypher Zaterdag 1 September 2012 om 18:38

I have found that by following this guide:

Office 2010 will allow me to at least enter the product key. However, the key does not validate for some reason. I'm guessing that Office is unable to connect to the internet because the component that would normally be used is absent.

I'm running ubuntu 12.04 x64 and I used the most recent version of the MSO2010 install script as of Sept 1.

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miatawnt2b Maandag 29 October 2012 om 19:18

Same problem here.  Precise 64bit trying to install office 2010.  It will not activate.  However, I am able to get it to install and activate using cxoffice trial.  So I know it's possible.  What are we missing?

tazzo54 Woensdag 21 November 2012 om 18:20

I have the same problem on ubuntu 12.04 , playonlinux 4.1.8 , office 2010 !!
any solutions ?!
sandie Zaterdag 15 December 2012 om 1:31

same problem ubuntu 12.04, playonlinux 4.1.8, office 2010 activation... :-( Plizzzzzzzz
petch Zaterdag 15 December 2012 om 7:58

For information, there's an open bug report on the topic:
SirLouen Zondag 13 Januari 2013 om 15:58

I think the problem is that the activation process form Microsoft Office 2010, is treated as an update. As I've seen, it is impossible to update Office 2010 via wine (at least the default installation of PlayOnLinux), so thats why the Activation process its failing after entering the register key (after doing the richedit replacement)

@petch: The bug report you are mentioning, is related to the richedit problem, not with the activation problem itself

Maybe we should start a new bug thread?
petch Zondag 13 Januari 2013 om 17:20

I don't see any other bug report matching this problem, so I'd say yes, you can report is as a new problem.
SirLouen Dinsdag 15 Januari 2013 om 15:42

Did so but Quentin Paris marked it as Invalid:
petch Dinsdag 15 Januari 2013 om 18:15

I wonder if MAK licenses are supported, don't know if from a technical point of view it makes any difference...
J_Hart03 Donderdag 24 Januari 2013 om 23:01

I am haveing the same problem. I am running on Mint Cinnamon and playonlinux 4.1.9
Has anyone found a solution? I am extremly frusterated right now