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Why locked my last question ?


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DAVVVVE Maandag 19 Maart 2012 om 19:04

http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1689986&page=2 Theres a patch making world of warcraft to run faster - Fps increase and stable . Why did you lock my last thread before i could explain what i ment ? I been told that if anyone want a patch wine in POL , we could just ask . Really sorry for my bad English .
Quentin PÂRIS Maandag 19 Maart 2012 om 19:08
Quentin PÂRIS

Well, that's simple.

If you want a patch, you can ask but you need first to say hello, to explain what is your patch for, to give urls to patched files, to give wine versions to apply and finally, to give a name for your patch.
DAVVVVE Maandag 19 Maart 2012 om 19:17

Hello then ;) Like i said , my english is crap ;) - If you like to check the link , you know what im talking about. Thanks Davvvve