Civ 5 Gods and Kings


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xxrockthedrumsxx Dimanche 24 Juin 2012 à 2:35

Civ 5 without the expansion worked great....but afterwards it crashes with a memory exception.  Just a word of warning!
kcinman11358 Mercredi 27 Juin 2012 à 17:35

wouldn't that be more of a system issue?
steve723 Lundi 1 Juillet 2013 à 22:10

I launched my Skryrim VD and told Steam client to install Civ 5 and everything works like I was running from Windows. G&K works well. I have BNW pre-ordered, so well see on the 9th if that works.
Ronin DUSETTE Lundi 1 Juillet 2013 à 22:14

This thread is ooolllld, and your solution is actually not a good one. All games should be in seperate virtual drives, and any patches or add-ons to any game should only be installed in the programs virtual drive.

Glad it works, though. :)

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