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Capture 2: Record your software with PlayOnLinux

Friday 27 August 2010 at 22:03


This new release of Capture comes with only one change: You can now record your software even if it isn't in OpenGL!
To use this new feature, a choice is offered when you start the plugin, then you have to choose what software to record. Recording starts automatically after five seconds. To stop capture, press SHIFT+F8.

This is an example:

This plugin is available in the Downloads section.

There is no sound when capturing and you get Theora/Vorbis files. You can add the PlayOnLinux logo like OpenGL capture.


Help PlayOnLinux by translating it to your own language!

Wednesday 25 August 2010 at 16:05

Hi all!

With the opening of the git repository, we have other great news!

You can help the project by translating strings displayed within PlayOnLinux to your language, and you can also review strings that have already been translated.

To translate, go to our translation page:
Note that a Launchpad account is needed.

Then, all your modifications will be imported into the main git repository before each new release.

EDIT: I've changed the name of the .po file (what you translate) on the git. So please wait a moment before translating. We need to wait for a sync with launchpad; it will happen in a few hours.


EDIT #2: Fixed, you can continue translating.

Wolfenstein (version 2009) is available

Tuesday 24 August 2010 at 23:29

Hi everybody,

In this game, you’ll still run the show as OSA stud B.J. Blazkowicz, but the mission stakes have been raised a great deal for Wolfenstein. Instead of only plodding along in a boring, normal dimension, Raven has built the storyline and gameplay of Wolfenstein to take part in a parallel dimension—known as the Veil—as well. In terms of the game’s story, the Veil is the key to the Nazis’ ability to make super weapons that would accelerate their bid for world dominance.

[box title=Wolf2install][/box][box title=Wolf201][/box]
[box title=Wolf202][/box][box title=Wolf203][/box]

For more details, you can go to PlayOnLinux's forum HERE.

Have a good game :sunglasses:

PlayOnLinux 3.8 is available

Tuesday 24 August 2010 at 18:10

Hi everybody!

PlayOnLinux 3.8 is now out!
[box title=New_PlayOnLinux_logo][/box]

A lot of bugs have been fixed

- Fixed Bug #22,
- Ukrainian file should be called uk.po instead of ua.po,
- PlayOnLinux can no longer run in its own environement,
- The program does not alert the user that 3D acceleration is not present when the mesa-utils package is not installed,
- Fixed a bug in library loading,
- Fixed a bug in the Wine Import plugin and Offline PlayOnLinux plugin,
- Some cleaning up.

A lot of new features

Some plugins are now integrated in our software, adding a lot of features:
- Capture will allow you to record your games,
- Wine Import will allow you to add Wine apps into PlayOnLinux, and use our features for it,
- Cedega Import will let you import your Cedega games,
- Wine Look will help you change the color of your Wine application to fit better with your desktop,
- Advanced Wine Configuration will give you access to a lot of tweaks for Wine,
- Offline PlayOnLinux will allow you to run PlayOnLinux without Internet access, by running a server script locally.

For scriptors

- POL_GetSetupImages and POL_SetupWindow_InitWithImages will help you manage top and left images for your scripts. Here is an example:
POL_GetSetupImages "" "" "script_name"
POL_SetupWindow_InitWithImages # Replace POL_SetupWindow_Init

- playonlinux-shell (run it in a terminal) will give you access to PlayOnLinux's debugging shell.

Some explanations for 3.7.7 features

- POL_SetupWindow_auto_shortcut will allow you to create a shortcut without giving the name of the directory.
POL_SetupWindow_auto_shortcut "my_wineprefix" "My_Program.exe" "My_icon.png" "Program name"

- POL_SetupError will close the script if a command fails.
cd /directory || POL_SetupError "/directory does not exists"

We advise you update your PlayOnLinux version.


Capture 2.0.1 - Record your games with PlayOnLinux

Tuesday 24 August 2010 at 16:17

Hi everybody,

Capture 2.0.1 is now available.
[box title=New_PlayOnLinux_logo][/box]

What's new?

- Use of GLC 0.5.8
- wine-thread is no longer needed
- Automatic detection of a multiple-of-16 resolution
- Ability to encode in x264/FAAC, XviD/MP3, Theora/Vorbis or MP4/FAAC (compatible with iPod Touch/iPhone)
- Ability to add the PlayOnLinux logo for 3 seconds at the begining of the video

Here is a preview of the result:

To start/stop recording, use SHIFT+F8 while playing, capture will automatically be stored in the POL_Capture folder in your home directory.

This plugin is available in the download section, and will be integrated in the next PlayOnLinux version.

Please make sure you have a version of libavformat-extra-52 that supports FAAC audio codecs. Ubuntu users may add this repository: medibuntu.

Good game :sunglasses:


Monkey Island 2 - Special edition is available

Friday 20 August 2010 at 17:14

Hi everybody,

After having beaten LeChuck, Guybrush Threepwood is back in a new adventure to find the treasure Big Whoop. But his enemy is also back and want to prevent him from getting the treasure. Monkey Island 2 : LeChuck's Revenge : Special Edition is a remake of the original game with HD graphism

[box title=mi2_seinstall][/box]
[box title=mi2_se01][/box][box title=mi2_se02][/box][box title=mi2_se03][/box]

For me details, you can go on PlayOnLinux forum HERE

Good game :sunglasses:

By GNU_Raziel

WineBuild Requests!

Wednesday 18 August 2010 at 22:57

Hi everybody!

After more than 300 lines of code, more than 1 week of work, we are happy to announce that you can now make a custom Wine build and allow other members of the PlayOnLinux community to benefit from it.

Why we offer this kind of service
At least two reasons. This has been requested for a long time and... even if the Wine team improves performance on each new release, for some games/software you have to use a version of Wine which was compiled with some patches (e.g.: Command and Conquer 3 Kane Edition was available in PlayOnLinux long before it was fully supported by Wine. And for this game, we had been using a patched Wine, but in the past it was really hard to implement this in PoL).

Another nice piece of information is that every registered user on this site can make a request for free!

So I'm sure that you've now only one question, "where I can post my request?"
Well, wait just a second because all remaining information is on the forum, here!

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 script is available

Sunday 15 August 2010 at 23:27


I have the pleasure to announce you that the script for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is operational and finally available on PlayOnLinux.

For reminder, the history of this game takes place 5 years after the first opus with one Russia in full civil war and the American invasion in Afghanistan.
You will go to fight under the features of three characters different as Gary " Roach " Sanderson, Joseph Allen and James Ramirez.

[box title=CoDMW2a][/box]

[box title=CoDMW2b][/box]

For further details, go to the forum HERE

Have a good game :sunglasses:

F.E.A.R.2 : Project Origin script is available

Sunday 15 August 2010 at 19:28

After several months, Alma WADE decided to use our fabulous application. Because PlayOnLinux has now in his repository the script for : F.E.A.R.2 : Project Origin

The game begins 10 minutes before the end of the first episode. You are Mickael BECKETT, a Delta Force operator and you and your team are in Auburn to stop Genevieve ARISTIDE, an easy mission... But, a terrible explosion shaves a part of the city. Alma is free and wants to take revenge.

[box title=FEAR2c][/box]

[box title=FEAR2a][/box] [box title=FEAR2b][/box]

For further details, go to the forum HERE

Have a good game :sunglasses:

Using PlayOnLinux scripts offline or sharing scripts on a network is now possible !

Wednesday 11 August 2010 at 0:45

HI everybody

Today, a new plugin for your favourite software is available. This plugin will allows you to install all PlayOnLinux scripts without internet access !
Indeed, we had worked on numerous solutions for people who don't have internet on their computer. But these solution was partial, they were efficient only for a few scripts

Never the less, Internet access is still needed for downloading wine version

But how does it work ?

For the beginers

You just need to download the plugin here:
Then, use PlayOnLinux settings menu to install it and configure it in beginers mode
This method is easy, but you will need to have at least an access to the internet to download all our scripts.

For the advanced users

You can run your own PlayOnLinux scripts server
This server can be used for your own computer, or to share scripts through a whole network, without having access to the internet. It works on all python-compatible operating system. I tested it on Linux and Mac OS X

To install PlayOnLinux scripts server, download both of the following files

The first archive contains the scripts server, the second contains all our script database. It is updated everyday.
You have to extract these file in the same directory

Then, run the server by typing the following command in a terminal
If all is ok, you should read
Ready to start the server ! Listening on port 8050
To ensure that the server is well running, browse http://localhost:8050/. The message PlayOnLinux Server is running ! should appear, confirming you that the server is running

The next step is to install Offline PlayOnLinux on all the clients. Use the expert mode. This mod will allow you to specify another adress than the official script server (

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help to configure this tool