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Wine 1.1.15 (development version)

Friday 13 February 2009 at 21:04

What changes does Wine 1.1.15 (what's Wine?), the latest development version , bring about :

- Gecko engine update.
- Better region support in GdiPlus.
- Support for cross-compilation in winegcc.
- Beginnings of MS Text Framework support.
- Many fixes to the regression tests on Windows.
- Various bug fixes.

A detailed list of all the changes is available on the official announcement page

To download the source code or binary packages for various systems and distributions use the following link :

by "the (in)famous all around the world" MulX

Previewing PlayOnMac!

Wednesday 11 February 2009 at 19:49

Hello everyone,

Here is a news that will make Mac users happy. Today, PlayOnLinux releases the first beta of PlayOnMac, a version of PlayOnLinux specifically designed for Mac OS.

This version works perfectly on Leopard.
It should also work on Tiger, as long as you've installed python, wxpython and X11.
You must have a recent mac with an Intel CPU.

Darwine 1.1.5 (Wine compiled for Mac OS X) is included in the package.

At the moment, we have two scripts (to do tests):
- Notepad++
- Crayon Physics.

Obviously, this list should grow in the future.
The repositories are the same as PlayOnLinux's ones. You just have to tick the box saying "this script is PlayOnMac compatible" to integrate a script to PlayOnMac when submitting it.

Here are some screenshots:

Download PlayOnMac at the following url:

A dedicated forum will be created, feel free to post messages in there to report bugs, tell us your suggestions or ask various questions.

Have a good day

By Tinou

Beta test of the Prefix Backup plugin

Tuesday 10 February 2009 at 15:38

Here comes a plugin that some of you have been awaiting for a while!

It's a plugin which allows you to backup the whole prefix of an application installed in PlayOnLinux, the version of Wine used with it (it's defined in "PlayOnLinux -> Tools -> Manage Wine versions"), and the launcher of that application.
It creates a .pol archive that you can reinstall when and where you want via "Install -> Install a .pol package or an unsupported application" in PlayOnLinux.

This plugin should work fine but I will need some feedback. Although it is a beta version it shouldn't cause PlayOnLinux to crash, the worst case scenario being a shortage of hard drive space.

Please go to this post to download Prefix Backup and to report the results of your tests.

Have a good test and a good backup.

Some troubles with the (new) Wine Version Manager?

Monday 9 February 2009 at 22:11

Yes it's possible.

If you are using a release between 0.9.34 and 1.1.14 you can have some troubles with your cursor (fix in progress).

If you are using a release between 0.9.47 and 1.1.14 you can have some troubles with the X composite extension. (fix in progress).

All package concerned are currently in process of rebuild (for fixing issue), it will be synchronised on the server during the following days (from most recent to older release)

Sorry for the inconvenience,

thanks bahamut.dragoon for the report

Update (2009-02-11): Fixed in all wine 1.1.x. Fix for other release is always in progress

Update (2009-02-13): Fixed in all affected release.

Internet Explorer 7 and more

Saturday 7 February 2009 at 18:17

You are a web developer using Linux and you are annoyed every time you have to test your website with Internet Explorer 7? You gave up testing your website with IE7 because it requires you to boot Windows (with your dual boot or in a virtual machine) or worse: you don't have Windows?

Form now on, a simple solution exists!

Indeed, thanks to Tom Wickline, we are able to provide a PlayOnLinux installation script for Internet Explorer 7.
Thus, you'll just have to click on "Forward" a few times to get a functional Internet Explorer 7 (in more than 20 languages) running on your Linux system. Pretty painless, isn't it?

Don't believe me? Look at the following screenshots:

For more details (about how well IE7 runs for example), see this topic in the forum.

And that's it? Nothing else new?

Of course not!

- After the Crayon Physics game prototype, twinoatl made us an installation script for Crayon Physics Deluxe, the full game based on the same concept.
- Thanks to the bug reports of rettichschnidi, the installation scripts for Age Of Empires II and Baldur's Gate II have been fixed so they now work correctly with the German versions of these games.

PlayOnLinux 3.3.1

Sunday 1 February 2009 at 14:20

Hello everyone!

Here comes a little bugfix release.
Indeed, the following bugs which appeared with PlayOnLinux 3.3 are now fixed:

- PlayOnLinux doesn't complain anymore about the lack of lzma even though POL doesn't need it.
- The Wine versions manager doesn't bug anymore with some specific versions (especially with Wine 1.0).

Have a nice day :-)

By Tinou

Wine 1.1.14 (development version)

Friday 30 January 2009 at 22:23

What does Wine 1.1.14 (What is Wine?), the latest development version, bring us:

- Various bug fixes for Internet Explorer 7.
- Many crypt32 improvements, including new export wizard.
- Better support for windowless Richedit.
- Improvements to the print dialog.
- Many fixes to the regression tests on Windows.
- Various bug fixes.

The detailed release note is available on the page of the official announce.

To download the source code or binary packages for several systems and distributions:


See you in two weeks for the next release

By MulX

Changes in the website

Sunday 25 January 2009 at 15:09

As you may have noticed, we have modified the structure of our website. The home page has been reorganized so as to give a clearer idea of what the project is about upon arriving on the website.

Here's a sum up of the changes:
- The home page is now composed of the presentation of the project and a list of the ten latest news' header (which are links to the full news of course)
- The full news are in their dedicated section called "blog"
- The guestbook page has been removed (if you want to thank someone for something, you can do it in the "General Discussion" section of the forum)
- The RSS feed preview page has also been removed (useless)
- And the polls have been removed too

So feel free to give us your opinion in the comments.

P.S: In the same time, we added a section for the NuTyX distribution in the "Downloads" page.

PlayOnLinux 3.3

Saturday 24 January 2009 at 23:56

Here's the First version of PlayOnlinux for the year 2009 !

It is a major change in WineVersion's behavior, not about the graphics or the script implementation but on the internal code
This change allows the use of wine packages that have been intended for PlayOnLinux.
This means that we're no longer dependant on the debian repository, which was a source of problems for certain distributions, but on a repository maintained by a member of the team (MulX).

Every new version of wine will automatically be compiled on sunday night (if there has been a new version) and so the update in the Wine Version menu will happen on monday morning

Every version works on all distributions using Glibc with a version more recent than the 2.3.6 which should include every distribution that has been out since 2006 (the Glbic 2.3.6 was out on November, 3rd 2005).
This will allow the solution of problems encountered by users of Mandriva 2008.0 with earlier versions of PlayOnLinux and the newest versions of Wine. A problem that certainly affects other distributions

This means we'll no longer be using lzma (LZMA), a de/compression application used by the older versions to extract debian packages

note 1 : the RC versions don't have the same name anymore; the former manager used a tilde (~) as a seperator (1.0~rc1) whereas now it uses a dash (-) (1.0-rc1). If by any chance an installer still uses a RC version, please let us know so that we'll make the necessary adjustment.

note 2 : if you encounter a problem due to the use of a wine package, not a wine bug, but a bug on these packages, please let us know as soon as possible.

Message to the packagers : lzma is no longer required !!

PS: as a bonus you can even use the 0.9.7 version of wine !

Wine 1.1.13 (development version)

Saturday 17 January 2009 at 19:19

What does Wine 1.1.13 (What is Wine?), the latest development version, bring us:

- startup notifications.
- Many fixes for 64-bit application support.
- Improved graphics support in Internet Explorer.
- Various Richedit improvements.
- Better certificate manager dialog.
- Various bug fixes.

The detailed release note is available on the page of the official announce.

To download the source code or binary packages for several systems and distributions: