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A little modification for the Prince of Persia: Warrior Within's script

Sunday 13 April 2008 at 19:49

A little modification was released.

- DVD version support
- Use of an older Wine's version to ensure compatibility

By Tinou

PlayOnLinux 2.2.0, PlayOnLinux-Script-Creator 0.1 Stable: what a number of news!

Sunday 13 April 2008 at 19:45

Hello everybody,

PlayOnLinux's team has great news to announce. We have thought to you all the week-end, working to improve the project.

L'Oréal always tell us "2 in 1", so why not today? Without waiting anymore, here are:
- The PlayOnLinuxScriptCreator (POLSC) 0.1 stable version (by Zoloom)
- The PlayOnLinux 2.2.0 version (by Tinou)

PlayOnLinux 2.2.0

Are you ready to know everything that changed in this version? So hold on! I want to signal that,during this version's development, I lost my ~/.PlayOnLinux folder. I will be more prudent next time.

New menus

Here is what new menus look like:

With double-click support, it's more pleasent.
For nostalgics, a new "menu_list" function, which use the old menus, was created.

No more Community and WorkOnLinux

These repositories are now activated as default setting after reproaches of "small game's list" we had.

An automated installer!

No, you aren't dreaming! For non yet scripted applications, and I insist, only for non scripted applications, you can install automatically your CD-ROM. See by yourself.

Oh! A new button. Let's try to insert a CD-ROM et let's see what happen!

And if I click on "Next"?

Then, it installs the game. What to ask more?

Ask_For_cdrom modified

Here is what the new Ask_For_cdrom function looks like

Well, and if my CD isn't mounted in /media?
Just click on "Other" and here is the window which appears:

Fixed bugs

- Numerous interface bugs
- playonlinux-pkg --extract is now extracting in a new folder instead of just extracting where it is
- A lot of bugs with Microsoft's fonts, and with the personal directory's creation (you can now use playonlinux-pkg -i without initializing PlayOnLinux before)


Translation files were updated. Thank to everyone who sent me language packs. I count on you to help me to translate the few new lines of the 2.2 and 2.1 versions for the non yet updated languages.

A lot of commands translated

A lot of commands (for the scripts) are translated in English. MulX is writing a superb documentation for more details about them. Thank to him. Just let him some time to finish it.


P.S. We currently have a problem with the Ubuntu/Debian repository. If you are hurried to use this version, just go on the download page :-)

PlayOnLinux Script Creator (by Zoloom)

You can now install POLSC by downloading it at the following address:


According to me, this version is minor, although the beta is now far away. This version's goal was to stabilize the preceding beta version the faster possible, it's now done. Here are the changes:

- A little assistant to create a new script
- Enhanced windows
- Some language mistakes fixed
- More messages in the status bar
- 14 new PlayOnLinux's functions supported
- Adaptation of the code for translation by *.po catalog support


As I was saying, this version is a minor one and, moreover, won't stay at this point a very long time. Indeed, a all-in-one assistant is almost finished, which will be much more complete and will allow you to make a script in about 30s without typing any bash command (the life is beautiful, isn't it? )

I planned to add some help in the different functions' windows, examples, the few lacking POL's functions (if some are remaining ).

In a future version, I will start the development of a syntax's coloration and a tab system.

A last thing before letting you play in peace, POLSC is still a young project, there is certainly some bugs, orthography mistakes and improvements are still possible, I count on you to help me and I thank you in advance! It help me to make a piece of software which answer to POLians' needs.

I still have matter for work, I go back coding!

Good evening to all, we thank you for your fidelity.

By Tinou

Wine Review: CrossOver vs Wine 0.9.58

Tuesday 8 April 2008 at 14:42


Yesterday, Tom Wickline published on Wine Review the first part of his benchmark comparing performance of CrossOver Games 7.0 against Wine 0.9.58.
He describes the 4 tests he ran (i.e 3DMark 2000, 3DMark 2001, 3DMark 2003 and Aquamark 3) and shows their respective results but you will have to wait for the 2nd part (which won't be publish before 3 weeks at least because he is in vacation) to see the conclusions.

To read it, go HERE

PlayOnLinux on Linux Journal's website

Monday 7 April 2008 at 22:39

In his latest video, Shawn Powers (from the Linux Journal's redaction) explains us briefly what are some possible ways to play your Windows games on Linux. He talks mainly about the commercial projects that are the well known Cedega from TransGaming and the brand new Crossover Games, a game-dedicated version of Codeweavers' Crossover.
But if you listen well, he talks, at the end, about free and open source projects that make Windows games playable too. And guess what? PlayOnLinux is part of them!

So to watch this video, find links to the related projects or simply comment their video, see Play Windows Games on Linux at Linux Journal's website.

Clearer names for the game's scripts

Monday 7 April 2008 at 21:37


I just write a little news to tell you that I cleared up all the scripts' names by adding spaces, removing some special characters which weren't display correctly, etc...
They now seem less like obscure codenames. It's more welcoming and clearer.

Don't forget to update the scripts' list of PlayOnLinux (in the main menu)

Have a good game with PlayOnLinux

By Zoloom

PlayOnLinux Script Creator - 0.1 Beta version

Sunday 6 April 2008 at 23:41

Hello everybody,

I'm very happy, after a month (more or less intense) of work, to present you the official editor for PlayOnLinux's scripts. This piece of software aims to assist you during script creation, by adding functions very simply, without having bash knowledges.

For example, if you want to verify the presence of a CD-ROM, click on Functions > Check the CD-ROM. An assistant will ask you the mount point and the path to the launcher to verify ; the interface will add the corresponding bash command, ready to use, in your script. Simple, isn't it?

This is a beta version, thus a lot of functions are lacking and some bugs remain. Before burning me as if I was a witch, please know that my English probably contains mistakes, you can report them, I will correct them very quickly.

The next versions of POLSC will be released soon, for the first bugs etc...

I planned to add numerous other features, such as tabs, a syntax coloration, an help, a rebuilt interface and windows ...

To resume, this version is here essentially to present the concept. Here are some of its current features:

- Traditional features of a notepad (open, save ....)
- The "new" command adds a default script model
- You can run your current script from the POLSC's interface, like the PlayOnLinux's function named "Run a non-official script".
- 12 functions of PlayOnLinux ready to use.

You can use it but remember that all the other commands and the help texts will be corrected and completed as soon as the the documentation will be released.

Here is the link to download this version (.tar.bz2 archive and libraries provided) : Here

To start POLSC, nothing easier, just extract the archive, then click on the "playonlinux-script-creator" launcher.

I also would like to thank my daddy and my mommy X@viou from the website, for his help on wxWidgets and Tinou the big boss, for making the icon, preparing with me the publication of this version and sustaining me when I was experiencing difficulties (being not a god in programming, I experienced a lot!).

Good scripting, and see you soon for a new version!

By Zoloom

PlayOnLinux in Planète Linux!

Sunday 6 April 2008 at 20:27

For a surprise, it's an excellent one!
In its April-May 2008 number (n°51), the French bi-monthly magazine Planète Linux propose a little article about PlayOnLinux! You'll find it in the "Logithèque" heading, at the page n° 44.

Let's specify that it's the first appearance of PlayOnLinux in a paper press magazine (at least, the first we know). We sincerely thank the Planète Linux's redaction (particularly Arnaud Faque and David Sagnol, authors of the article) and its editor, DP Presse.

In addition, for our visitors, here is the article (click to have a suitable resolution):

DP Presse's website :

Feel free to tell us if you know others magazines that speak about us.

by Asimov

PlayOnLinux 2.1.0: at last !

Sunday 6 April 2008 at 20:12

Today a new major version of PlayOnLinux is released!

The development of the 2.0.x branch is finished, it's now time for the 2.1.x one.

Here is the changes' list

An important enhancement of the language files

It has to be done, so we did it. Among the major changes:

No more "Polian" language
In order to help anyone to understand and find back more easily all the PlayOnLinux's features, we rename them like this:
LiveInstall become Manual Installation
Wine Booster become Advanced configuration of wine
PolShell become PlayOnLinux debugger

No more "en_EN.utf-8" in the menus
It's much more pleasant to see "Français", "English", "Italiano", isn't it?

Everything in the language files
I think the title is explicit enough, there is no more text staying in French (even after changing the language manually) in PlayOnLinux

About translated
The About window is now translated

Hungarian translation
Thank you, lisovszk

We count on you!
As you can understand, I don't speak fluently 9 languages. So I simply let in English the new translated parts, waiting for the different language files to be updated. We need you to finish translating the other language files.

You will quickly realize that the interface is became much more accessible.

A package manager!

We had a lot of notes saying: PlayOnLinux is too "Online" oriented. Indeed, it was impossible to install Steam without having internet for example.
Problem fixed! In the Installation menu, you have now an "Install a .pol package" option.

The .pol packages are functioning similarly to .deb and .rpm ones. They are archives containing a game's installation files for example and his script, his icon, his wine version, etc...

We created for you the first .pol package, the Steam's one

Click here to download steam.pol

Of course, we thought to the console adepts! You can also install a PlayOnLinux package with the following command

playonlinux-pkg -i steam.pol

A new logo!

Bored of the pixelised logo? We created a new logo to celebrate this version. Here it is:

Here is a bash script which apply the new icon in your personal folder (To be applied after updating to this version)

cd /tmp
cp playonlinux.png $HOME/.PlayOnLinux/icones/
convert playonlinux.png -resize 32 $HOME/.PlayOnLinux/icones/32/playonlinux.png
cp playonlinux.png $HOME/.local/share/icons

Goodbye Live Install

We renamed Live Install and we profited of it to improve it.
It's now named "Manual Installation" and will additionally allow you to manually suppress a wine prefixes.

Other modifications

- In order to avoid a surcharge of the menus, Wine GIT was moved inside of "Manage wine versions"
- Fixed bug during the incons' download: PlayOnLinux didn't verify if the icon already exist before downloading it. So far, you could have 20 times the same icon. To suppress useless icons, type the following command:
rm $HOME/.PlayOnLinux/icones/*.*.*
- Some improved pieces of code
- The script won't tell you anymore every 30 seconds that you don't have internet
- The icon themes are suppressed


By Tinou

Wine version 0.9.59

Saturday 5 April 2008 at 2:04

Available since April 4th, 2008, here is the 0.9.59 Wine's release, a free implementation of Windows on Unix.

This new release brings:

- Improved support for the .NET framework.
- Better services handling through a separate services.exe process.
- Support for ATI fragment shader.
- Better support for http proxies.
- Window management fixes.
- Pre-compiled fonts are now available in the source tree.
- Lots of bug fixes.

To see detailed release's note, go to the official announce's page.

To downlaod binary packages for several systems and distributions, see HERE.

A non-official chat for PlayOnLinux

Saturday 5 April 2008 at 1:56


After a number of problems with the official and main chat, the la community decided to create a Jabber chatroom.

We invite you to join us:

Name: playonlinux
Conference's server:
Maximum capacity: 40 (it isn't forbidden to dream, right? )

You have to own a Jabber address to conect to the chat. Reminder: Jabber is an Instant Messaging system like MSN but totally open and free. You can acces to it very easily with Pidgin or Kopete for example.

More informations about Jabber here.

To connect you to the chatroom from Pidgin:

Tools > Chatroom list > Get the list > > playonlinux

To connect you to the chatroom from Kopete:

Right click on you jabber account icon (at the bottom on the right) > Join a chatroom > Fill the Room, Server and Pseudonym fields then click on "Join"

However this chat is administrated by some of the PlayOnLinux's administrators and moderators, it stays totally independent from the website and keep a purely community spirit (help demand in particular). But we recommend the forum as main source of help.

For any suggestion, bug, partnership, proposition and candidature, thank you to post your requests on the official forum.

To keep in mind: For any help in live, you should privilege the official IRC chat.
To connect to it:

Type irc:// if you use ChatZilla

Serveur :
Channel : #playonlinux
For the others

You will find there the official support, where you can make suggestions and report bugs too.

Good chat.

By Zoloom